T&Cs for the Design Submission

The following T&Cs stipulate the rules for submitting a design. Please note that this website is not a web store, hence the T&Cs do not cover the actual purchase process, please refer to our T&Cs in our webshop or on the marketplace you used to purchase an item from us (e.g. eBay or Amazon).

§1 Purpose of the Product Designer

The Product Designer is intended to be used for submitting designs to Buzzwire Ltd. It enables our customers to submit a design for printing and also to preview a design before the actual purchase of the product. This website is NOT a web store and hence does not offer any items for purchase.

§2 Purchase of Items

Submitting a design does not equal the purchase of an item, nor does it initiate a binding purchase contract. Any orders must be placed either via our online store of via a marketplace listing.

§3 Change of a purchase

Please note that any design submission which differs from the original purchase represents a legally binding request for a contractual change. Example – if you purchased a mobile phone case and selected white as the rim colour during the initial transaction, submitting a design and selecting black as the rim colour means that you request the initial purchase contract to be changed in the way of the design submission. Please note that any changes are only valid once accepted by us as we need to check e.g. stock availability.

Please also note that any change request to a different product altogether are being denied without prior contact to our customer support. Example – if you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 case but would like to have i changed to a Samsung Galaxy S6 case, you must contact our customers service department, simply submitting a design for the Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t change the ordered product.

§4 Print Approval and Trimming

By submitting your design, you approve / sign-off the print. You also acknowledge that a edge bleed / trimming of up to 1cm is acceptable. You also confirm that you checked your picture for any important elements to be not positioned to close to any trimming area, so the sides as well as any other trimmed areas, e.g. the camera holes of mobile phone cases.

§5 Colour Accuracy and Modifications based on the Base Material

You accept that any picture can show certain amounts of colour changes do to the nature of the base material we print on (e.g. metal plates, fabrics etc.). If printed on a coloured surface, you also hereby accept that the base colour of the material will replace white as the base colour (e.g. high visibility clothing).

You also confirm that you have checked your picture for colour and brightness accuracy. We especially point out that many consumer screens and mobile phones change the appearance of photos, most show pictures too bright and too saturated. We recommend to use a colour calibrated screen with AdobeRGB colour gamut and a brightness of 120 cd/m2 to be used in order to get an accurate idea of the print result.

§6 Confirmation of Adhering to IPRs

By submitting a picture, to confirm that you own the rights to printing the picture and that you adhere to any Intellectual Property Rights that may apply. You also confirm that you own the rights to print any text submitted as part of the design.

§7 Return Policy for Personalised Items

Please refer to our T&Cs in our online shop or the marketplace you used to purchase the item. Generally, personalised items cannot be returned in accordance with EU rules as they cannot be re-sold.

§8 Technial Issues and Incompatibilites

We have tested the Product Designer on a large variety of devices, operation systems and browsers. In the rare event that a technical issue occurs, please contact our customer support at support-en@pixiprints.com. Also, if the preview picture (Step 2) is being shown empty, please do not complete the submission but please start over and try again, most likely the design will otherwise reach us empty. If you have any trouble with the designer or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Please note – we do not accept the excuse that the designer was not fully functional and hence you submitted a non-final design (e.g. wrong picture size) and hoped that we change the design in any way. All design submissions are final and are approved for print, so we will print the design exactly as submitted. In case you are having issues using the Product Designer, please refer to the FAQ where we have a step-by-step guide on how to submit a design. If the guide doesn’t solve your issue, please feel free to contact us!

§9 Confirmation of Design Reception

Once you submitted a design, you will receive a confirmation screen with the date of submission and a submission ID. We will also e-mail you a submission confirmation to the e-mail address provided in Step 3 of the design process. Once a design has been submitted, we do not accept any other submissions for the same order, unless you have ordered multiple items, in which case you can submit designs for the remaining products of the order.

That also means that you cannot simply submit a design a second time in order to replace the first submission. Once a design has been submitted, it has been signed-off for print and we will therefore use the submitted design for the production process.

§10 – Right of Refusal

We have the right to refuse any submitted design, especially if it shows political, religious or indecent content. We also have the right to cancel any orders associated with the design submission. We have also the right to refuse any submissions of designs that include content which is most likely protected by IPRs.